OLJ – INF506 – Tagging and sharing

Bookmarking is as old as the World Wide Web. Having found a great site we want to easily find it again. When I first discovered Delicious, my main concern was its use for saving what I had found; then tags were useful for discovering these items amongst all the other items I had saved. Bookmarking and tagging hark back to Ranganathan's five laws (Ranganathan, 1996) as they relate to discoverability (“save the time of the reader”). Delicious also made sharing groups of resources very easy. Delicious has changed and (now!) has an easier to use mobile version. I have also used Pearltrees, BagTheWeb and now Diigo.

Pearltrees is very easy to use and its visual representation works very well on the iPad. However there is limited ability for note taking and no tags as such. Very easy process to create and share with teams.

BagTheWebis easier to use on laptop than mobile device as it is web based. I love the hierarchical arrangements, display of notes and the ability to post documents. Tagging works like Twitter with hash tags.

DiigoWorks like a browser with Chrome. Easy to tag and view items offline. Stand out feature is the ability to take notes on webpages!!!! These show up as a summary with the resource in your library view. So easy to edit and also create groups. Works fairly well on mobile devices.

Organisations today often rely on content management systems and web intranets to store documents. Having experienced searching in these environments it would seem the use of tagging could add a sorely needed layer of discoverability. There is a caveat. In contemplating Yahoo's mooted decision to axe Delicious, Vander Wal makes a very important point about redundancy (Vander Wal, 2010); one just as pertinent today in the ephemeral world of mobile devices and apps.

Ranganathan, S. (1996). Five Laws of Library Science . Bangalore: Sarada Ranganathan Endowment for Library Science.

Vander Wal, T. (2010). Closing Delicious? Lessons to be Learned. Retrieved from http://vanderwal.net/random/index.php


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