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New vistas await me!

I would define Social Networking as the process by which we share information, experiences and ideas and generally connect with each other in social settings. This has been happening from time immemorial and could occur at work just as well as settings more conventionally viewed as social.  Since the inception of the internet Gamers have communicated with each other via online gaming and other social networks have sprung up via listservs and other internet fora. The advent of Web 2.0 technologies now means even more of this “Social networking” can occur over the internet – reaching across time zones and countries to link people with common interests and backgrounds. Now individuals and organisations across the world use Facebook and other social sites to promote themselves and communicate with each other about ideas, issues and events.  Businesses use these sites to link with and market to their customers. Everybody with a computer or mobile device can be a creator of content. The new technologies have enabled Social Networking to expand outside the geographical and social boundaries that once constrained it.
Prior to study in INF506 I have been a user and creator of content on;
  • Facebook  – Personal and work (professional networking and book reviews!)
  • Pearltrees  – Personal and study
  • Delicious  – Study and work (professional development)
  • BagTheWeb  – Study
  • Twitter – Personal
  • LinkedIn – Work (professional networking)
  • WordPress (blog) – Personal and work (professional networking and book reviews!)
  • Blogger (blog) – Personal and work (professional networking and book reviews!)
  • Goodreads – Personal and work (professional networking and book reviews!)
  • Flickr – Personal
  • Pinterest – Personal
  • Google+ – Personal
  • Reddit – Personal
  • wikis – Work
  • Words with Friends chat – Personal
I have also used YouTube, Wikipedia, IMDB, Yelp, eBay and Reddit. Since commencing INF506 I have registered on Diigo and Instagram and expect I will discover many more!
I hope that this course will provide me with an opportunity to learn new social networking technologies and explore the way social media works in a variety of settings. I look forward especially to learning about the potential use of new social networking technologies in developing communities of interests in library and information environments.

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Library Assistant - Masters student
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